Grace Clean Jerks: A Classic CrossFit Workout.

Introduction CrossFit workouts are known for their intensity and variety, and Grace Clean and Jerks is no exception. This classic workout consists of a single exercise – 30 clean and jerks performed for time. Grace challenges your strength, power, and endurance, making it a popular benchmark workout among CrossFit enthusiasts.

Understanding the Clean and Jerk.

Before diving into the details of Grace, it’s essential to understand the clean and jerk. A video on how to make sure you perform with the correct form can be found on YouTube here The Clean and Jerk – YouTube. This Olympic weightlifting movement combines two elements: the clean and the jerk. The clean involves lifting a barbell from the ground to the shoulders, while the jerk raises it overhead. Together, they create a full-body exercise that demands coordination, strength, and balance.

The Clean:

Breaking It Down Initiating the movement, stand with your feet hip-width apart, toes under the barbell. Bend your knees and hips, maintaining a neutral spine. Grip the barbell with a hook grip, just outside your knees. Keep your chest up and shoulders over the bar.

From this starting position, explosively extend your hips, knees, and ankles. This first pull should drive the barbell upward. As the bar passes your knees, initiate the second pull by extending your hips and shrugging your shoulders. Keep the barbell close to your body throughout.

Now, quickly drop into a front squat, catching the barbell on your shoulders. Maintain a strong rack position with elbows high and wrists relaxed. Stand up by driving your hips upward, fully extending your knees and hips.

The Jerk:

Lifting Overhead With the barbell in the front rack position, prepare for the jerk. Position your feet hip-width apart, chest up, and core braced. Take a deep breath and dip by bending your knees and hips slightly.

Explosively extend your hips and knees, propelling the barbell upwards. As the barbell leaves your shoulders, split your legs, one forward and one back, while quickly dropping under the barbell. Lock your arms overhead, keeping your elbows fully extended.

Hold the barbell overhead momentarily, stabilizing the weight. Bring your feet back together, maintaining control of the barbell. Finally, lower the barbell to your shoulders, then back to the ground, completing one clean and jerk.

Grace Clean and Jerks:

The 30 Clean and Jerks for Time Workout Grace is a simple yet effective CrossFit workout. The goal is to complete 30 clean and jerks as quickly as possible, using the correct form. For men, the prescribed weight is 135 pounds, while women use 95 pounds. However, scaling the weight is encouraged to suit individual abilities.

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Preparing for Grace Before tackling Grace, a thorough warm-up is crucial. Begin with five minutes of light cardio, such as jumping jacks, running, or rowing. Next, perform dynamic stretches, targeting the muscles used in the clean and jerk. Focus on hips, shoulders, and wrists, as they will be under significant stress.

Following dynamic stretching, practice the clean and jerk with an empty barbell. Concentrate on perfecting form and warming up the movement pattern. Gradually add weight, working up to the workout’s prescribed or scaled load.


Pacing and Efficiency Grace is a sprint workout, but pacing is vital to prevent burnout. Break the 30 clean and jerks into manageable sets, such as three sets of 10 or six sets of five. As fatigue sets in, adjust your strategy accordingly.

Efficiency is crucial in Grace. Minimize wasted energy by using smooth, controlled movements. Avoid dropping the barbell between reps; instead, use the downward momentum to transition into the next clean.


Timing and Control Proper breathing is essential during Grace. Inhale deeply before initiating each clean, bracing your core for stability. Exhale as you stand up from the front squat. For the jerk, take another deep breath before dipping, and exhale as you split and lock out overhead. Controlled breathing helps maintain stamina and focus throughout the workout.


Making It Accessible Grace can be scaled to accommodate athletes of all levels. Beginners may choose to reduce the weight or perform a modified version of the clean and jerk. For instance, power cleans and push presses may replace the full clean and split jerk. Always prioritize proper form and safety over speed.


Stretching and Recovery After completing Grace, it’s essential to cool down and stretch. Focus on static stretches for the shoulders, hips, and wrists. Hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds, helping to reduce muscle soreness and promote recovery.

Additionally, consider incorporating mobility exercises into your weekly routine. Increased flexibility and range of motion will improve clean and jerk performance, ultimately enhancing your Grace workout.

Tracking Progress:

Benchmarking Success Grace serves as an excellent benchmark workout to track progress in strength, power, and endurance. Record your time and any scaling modifications, aiming to improve upon these in future attempts. As you become more proficient in the clean and jerk, watch your Grace time decrease, reflecting your hard-earned progress.


Embracing the Challenge Grace is a CrossFit classic that tests your limits and pushes you to grow. By understanding the clean and jerk, warming up properly, and employing smart pacing strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle this intense workout. Embrace the challenge and watch your fitness level soar as you conquer Grace, one clean and jerk at a time.

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