The “Michael” CrossFit Workout

Firstly, let’s delve into the world of CrossFit. CrossFit is a dynamic fitness program that promotes overall strength and conditioning. It involves high-intensity functional movements. These movements are diverse, encapsulating everything from cardio to weightlifting. Now let’s talk about The “Michael” CrossFit Workout.

CrossFit Workouts of the Day (WODs) are named after heroes and heroines. One of these signature WODs is named “Michael”. “Michael” is a three-round workout that tests your endurance and core strength. It features an 800-metre run, 50 back extensions and 50 sit-ups.

Unravelling the ‘Michael’ Workout: Round by Round

The beauty of “Michael” lies in its simplicity. There are no intricate moves to master, making it perfect for beginners and experts alike. Here, we’ll break down the ‘Michael’ workout, round by round.

Round 1: The Warm-up

In the first round, start with an 800-metre run. This serves as your warm-up. Remember, don’t sprint; instead, keep a steady pace. Your goal is to keep your heart rate up, not max it out.

After your run, move on to 50 back extensions. Position yourself on a GHD machine, securing your feet. Cross your arms over your chest, lower your upper body, then lift until you’re horizontal. This video will provide you with a comprehensive overview. How to Do Back Extensions – YouTube

End the round with 50 sit-ups. Keep your back straight and core engaged. Ensure your elbows touch your knees to get the full range of motion. To visualize the concept clearly, this video is a must-watch. HOW TO DO A SIT UP / SIT UPS FOR BEGINNERS – YouTube

The "Michael" CrossFit Workout

Round 2: Building Stamina

Repeat the run, back extensions, and sit-ups for the second round. This time, focus on maintaining your initial pace. It’s here where you’ll start building stamina. Don’t worry if your pace slows down, it’s all part of the process.

In this round, ensure your form is correct for each exercise. Poor form can lead to injury, hindering your progress.

Round 3: Final Push

Here’s where your resolve will be tested. You’ll likely feel fatigued, but don’t give up. The last round is a testament to your mental strength.

Run the 800 metres, as you did before. It’s okay to reduce your speed, but don’t stop. After this, proceed to the back extensions and sit-ups.

Celebrating the Triumph: Post-Workout Cool-down

Every good workout ends with a cool-down. Walk around for a bit to get your heart rate down. Then, engage in some light stretching. This helps prevent muscle stiffness, promoting recovery.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the “Michael” workout is a comprehensive routine. It tests your endurance, core strength, and mental fortitude. Remember, the real victory is not in finishing the fastest, but in finishing at all. Remember, it’s you against you in the world of CrossFit.

So, lace up your trainers, step onto the track, and let “Michael” guide you towards fitness triumph. As they say in Australia, “Give it a burl!” Your fitness journey awaits.

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